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"3 Strategies Marketing Directors, VP's & CMO's Use To Drive New Customers,
Open New Digital Channels and
Increase Online Revenue..."
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April 25th
2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern

Brian Carter

Brian Carter is a bestselling author, marketing agency CEO and popular keynote speaker. He's helped companies of all sizes in all industries add 6-7 figures to their business without wasting time or money.
"Brian's system more than doubled our new customer growth. His approach changed everything for us within months."

- Jonathan Leake, Marketing Director, DirectBuy

“Working with Brian's strategies, store visits went up 30% in one location and up 100% in another. Our Black Friday revenue shot up to 2x the previous year even though we cut back on TV and radio spends at the same time.

- Stephen Rudnicki, Marketing Director,
Atlantic Bedding & Furniture

"Brian is truly one of the leaders in marketing and his insights provided actionable concepts for our annual marketing plan. "

- Jason Jell, Director of Ecommerce,
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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You're Going To Learn about...
  • The Cutting-Edge Branding Secret To Winning 4x As Many New Customers That Many Companies Miss Out On.
  • The #1 Killer Of Digital Business Growth- Often Overlooked Even By Experts- And How To Bulletproof Your Business Against It.
  • The Powerful Fortune 500 Strategy That Drives 6-7 Figure Online Revenue …And Works For Any Sized Company.
  • How To Hack Your Customer's Brain And Become Their 1st Choice- While Competitors Focus On Inaccurate Avatars
  • Why The Same Strategy That Made Warren Buffet Rich Can Set You Apart and Boost Your Online Revenue 5-10x... Plus Why Many People Overlook This
  • A Surprising Insight Allowing New Companies To Disrupt Established Ones And Dominate Their Categories.
"Brian is an outstanding marketing expert who's helped us shape and grow our organization's online presence. His creative thinking has helped keep us one step ahead of our competition. He's one of a kind!"

- Nicole Massaro, Marketing Director, PrideStaff
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